FlightSense helps you gather deep insights, recognize patterns and extract reports that are actionable.

Flight sense works with large volumes of raw booking data combined with meta data from numerous other sources to build an advanced analytics model for corporate travel. We use modern big data technologies in tandem with outstanding user experience to give you a rich view into your air travel universe.

The service allows you to export, report and connect to various enterprise solutions. We can connect and parse a variety of formats to present a comprehensive and elegant data experience. We focus on extracting meaning taking actions and empowering you with.


Segmentation and capacity

Understand how your network is being utilized, reduce inefficiencies and offer your travelers better options.

FlightSense makes it amazingly simple to slice and dice you data, recognize patterns and ask the right type questions. We believe you will perceive your everyday business in a new way to not just improve your offer but also use factual and realtime insight to work on better deals, plug the gaps and make your organization happier.


Risk and exposure estimates

Understand how to mitigate risky travel for various types of travelers and optimize insurance.

Travel also comes with its fair share of risk. We help you understand how to mitigate risky travel for various segments and destination. We help look for outliers and generate data that can both help adjust your polices and and optimize insurance. We combine booking data with other meta data in our engine to give you a tailor made profile and risk score. We can help you understand how to better fulfill your duty of care towards traveling employees.


Pricing, class and segments

Optimize travel policy based on actual data and cause-effect relations.

Compare a variety of metrics, zoom in zoom out with ease, fluidly organize pre calculated dimensions. Use it to optimize travel policy based on actual data, decipher cause-effect relations and work on the root cause to troubleshoot if needed. We don’t just abstract the data into reports, we generate the most optimal visual output to see complex and large data sets. We give you powerful drill down in seconds and still let you see the big picture in a snap.


CO2 and impact estimations

You can actually make an impact to the environment by tweaking how you traverse the globe.

Large travel buyers also have large impact. Air travel is often one of the largest contribution to enterprise CO2 footprint. Making realistic assessments is a hard task - and yes we strive to make it factual and as simple as possible. We take your booking data, augment it with aircraft and fuel data in order to give you a realistic picture. We help you actually reduce the impact to the environment by tweaking how you traverse the globe.



FlightSense is built on a combination of modern big data technologies and our own custom built middleware tailor made for corporate travel.

Flight sense utilises the full power of cloud computing and offers a highly scalable solution to crunch extremely large data sets. Our core engine is custom built for parallel processing raw travel data and is versatile enough to consume a variety of legacy formats and interface protocols to TMC’s and GDS backbones. Our solution can run fully on the cloud or on premise based on your needs and polices.

We give due care to data security and protection and our system only augments your current technologies, thus only adding more value. Plus all this is packaged in an outstanding user interface that just a breeze to use - needs no training. We are working on some cool predictive analytics too - get in touch if you want to play.


How does it Work?

Optimising travel with FlightSense.


We connect your data from a variety of sources or your own internal sources to FlightSense.


Manage your analytics and visualize your data in a variety of sophisticated ways.


Generate your own reports or we can help you generate highly bespoke reports.


Optionally connect to your management systems via an API to automate reporting or alerts.

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